Graphic design and storefront






For Retailment, shop interior and shop design means how a store is perceived by its audience and customers. The mood and the style of the store is reflected in the choice of interior, color setting, effects and lights. These elements also have great impact on how the products are staged – and thereby the sales. The interior should therefor reflect the theme and the mission of the store, while adding the interesting edge and the inviting attitude that will attract customers and differentiate your store from other stores. A store with a right style and attitude attracts customers and increases the bottom line. We offer both smaller and larger renovation solutions, as well as suggestions for renewal options that makes a difference. Retailment provides any shop equipment from screw to panel walls and from smaller renewals to entire rebuilding project that leaves the customer with a complete store.


For a store to be complete, a coherent image identity is needed to be reflected in the brand, logos, interior, store design etc. For a complete look and identity that differentiates the store from others a clear identity is essential. Retailment Mannequins & Interior provides the opportunity of a complete brand identity with all elements designed by our graphic designers. Our skillful graphic designers and interior designers work closely together with the customer to ensure a coherent brand identity that reflects the vision and the mission of the brand. Our team of graphic designers and interior designers, offer to develop both separate parts, such as logos and signature interior, and a complete identity package


At Retailment Mannequins & Interior, we offer all sorts of renovations and renewal of stores, malls, and headquarters. Our skillful team has great experience in smaller and larger renovation projects. For brands and chain stores with an already existing image and identity, we offer to design a coherent interior concept that relies on the brands already existing values, colors etc., but also to implement an already designed interior plan that matches other stores of brand. We take pride in making things happen and to make them happen on time!