Storefronts & Exhibition stands






The storefront is one of the most important tools to draw the attention of potential customers – and even more importantly; get the customers inside the shop. The possibilities for storefronts are endless, and it can therefore be a good help to have professionals decorating and implementing items that will help attract more customers while being true to the identity of the shop. As also counts for interior and decoration in general, the storefront must reflect the concept and style of the store while at the same time seem inviting, exciting and innovating to the customer.
Retailment offers both the designing and the implementation of the perfect storefront. We can help you create an exciting environment that will help attract customers, which will help increase profit. Our interior designers and graphic designers work closely together with the storeowners to ensure a coherent expression. To maintain an interesting storefront, we also provide long-term plans that with self-implemented changes will keep the storefront new and exciting.


At exhibitions, there is nothing more important than to stand out from the crowd and being noticed. A common thing about exhibition stands is that the exhibitors often have a relative small area to make the best of. Retailment Mannequins & Interior offers to design and build an attractive exhibition stand that will bring out the best of your products, without compromising on the business values. Our interior designers have the imagination and experience required to make your exhibition stand worth the while. We also offer to implement and putting up the elements.